BOSCH CCS900S CCS CU power supply standard central unit


Bosch conference system power supply ccs900s ultro ccs cu standard



¶ Discussion control without operator
¶ Controls up to 150 contribution devices
¶ Built-in monitor loudspeaker

The Control Unit ( CU) is the heart of the CCS Ultro
Discussion System and supplies the power for all delegate and chairman units in the system. The unit also controls the chairman and delegate unit microphones, as well as
providing connections for audio inputs and outputs.

Supplies power for up to 50 contribution units
The CU has two trunk outputs for the loop-through connection of contribution units. It is possible to connect 25 contribution units to each trunk output, with a maximum system cable length of 100 m ( 109.3 yards) .

Provides control for up to 150 contribution units
Up to 3 CUs can be used together in a discussion system to power and control a maximum of 150 contribution units. In this configuration a single CU acts as a master controller for the entire system.

Controls and Indicators : Top
• Mains on/ off switch
• Loudspeaker volume control, for setting output level of loudspeakers of contribution units. This control also determines the maximum level for the headphone outputs of the contribution units and the CU.
• Microphone mode rotary switch, for setting the number of simultaneously active microphones, and selecting one of the four operation modes ( plus test mode)
• Power on LED

Technical Specifications : Electrical
Mains voltage 100 to 240 VAC ± 10 % , Current consumption maximum 0.9 A ( 100 VAC)
to 0.3 A ( 240 VAC)
DC supply to contribution units 24 V ± 1 V ( current limited)
Loudspeaker volume control mute ( 50 dB att.) + 10 steps of 1.9 dB
Limiter threshold level to unit 10 dB above nominal level loudspeaker / headphone
Gain reduction due to number of open microphones ( NOM) ÷ NOM ± 1 dB
Total harmonics Nominal input ( 85 dB SPL) < 0.5, Max. input ( 110 dB SPL) < 0.5


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