AP-913 untuk karaoke meeting bagus

microphone kabel auderpro ap913



Harga Belum Termasuk PPN & Ongkos Kirim Luar Kota.

Main Features:

The magnet is made from neodyminum so that high level and high quality sound is produced.
This unit employed a double dome diaghragm is in order to achieve a well balanced sound quality from the lower range to upper range.
A liht duty CCAW (aluminum wire) is employed in the voice coil in order to arhieve a crystal clear sound quality.
A reliable canon brand connector is employed.
Tipe : Dinamic microphone
Direktivity : Uni-directional
Impendance : 600 ohm + 30% (at 1 KHz)
Frequency response : 50 Hz to 16 KHz
Sensitivity : – 52dB + 3 dB (at 1 KHz)
Switch ON/OFF : Small
Color : Dark Grey
Weight : 270 Gram
Long : 170 MM
Top Diameter : 50 MM
Bottom Diameter : 21 MM
Distance between the microphone and mouth : 5 to 10 Centimeters

Operating Insteuctions:

Insert the microphone plug into the microphone terminal.
Flip the microphone switch to the “ON” position, and adjust the volume with the volume control knob on the amplifier. When handing the microphone to somebody else or when finished using it, flip the microphone switch to the “OFF” position.
The in reason distance between the microphone and mouth is from 5 to 10 centimeters. If the microphone is too close to the mouth, the sound may be unclear with too-much enhanced bass (proximity effect) or may be uncomfortable to ears with pop noise generated when every time the singer breathes in and out.
Fungsi: Untuk Karaoke, Meeting, Gereja, Masjid, Band, Seminar, Rapat, Kegiatan Lapangan Dan Lain-lain.


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