Bosch Mic LBB-1946 6 six zones paging

Bosch microphone lbb-1946 plena 6 six zone call station paging


MICROPHONE BOSCH LBB 1946 Plena 6-zone Call Station

• Stylish 6-zone call station, intended for LBB 1925/00 system pre-amplifier
• Unidirectional condenser microphone on flexible stem
• Six zone selection keys, all-call key and momentary PTT-key for calls
• Selectable gain, speech filter and limiter for improved intelligibility
• Selectable priority levels and different pre- and post-call chimes
• LED indications for zone selection, system occupation and call station status

The Plena 6-zone call station is a stylish high-quality call station with a stable metal base design, a flexible microphone stem and a unidirectional condenser microphone. It is intended for making calls to selected zones (1 to 6 and all-call) in a PA system built around the LBB 1925/00 system preamplifier. In addition to table-top use, the special design enables the unit to be neatly flush-mounted in desk tops.
This call station features selectable gain, a selectable speech filter and a limiter for improved intelligibility, even if the speaker moves in front of the microphone. Because the call station provides a balanced line level output, it can be positioned up to 100 m away from the amplifier, using CAT-5 extension cables. Dipswitches on the bottom of the call station can be used to select different pre- and post-call chimes, as well as the priority level. Selected zones are indicated with LEDs on the call station, and an additional bi-color LED gives visible feedback on the active state of the microphone and the system. Green indicates microphone on or chime active (flashing LED); amber indicates that the system is occupied by a source with a higher priority or operation error (flashing LED).

Power supply voltage range: 18-24V (24 volt supplied by LBB1925).
Current consumption: Nominal sensitivity: 85 dB SPL.
Maximum input sound level: 110 dB SPLA.
Nominal output level: 700 mV.
Frequency respone: 100Hz-16kHz.
Speech filter: -3 dB @ 315Hz, high pass, 6 dB/oct.
Chimes: 18 different combinations.
Priorities: 2 different priorities.
Dimension: 40 x 100 x 235mm (base) 390mm stem length (with microphone).
Cable length: 5m.
Weigth: approx. 1kg

(Microphone BOSCH LBB-1946 (6 Zone) penggunaannya untuk disambungkan ke Mixer Pre-amplifier BOSCH LBB-1925/6 Zone)

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