BOSCH LBC1400 Volume Control Attenuator

Bosch attenuator volume control lbb1400 10 12 watt


BOSCH LBC 1400 Volume Control (Attenuator)

▶ 12 W versions
▶ Built-in 24 V DC override relay
▶ Continuous rotating system
▶ Suitable for both 3-wire and 4-wire systems
▶ Up to 5-channel program selector
▶ Fits within MK, U40 and Japanese installation material
▶ Optional surface mounting box for MK and U40 versions
▶ Comply with international installation and safety regulations

Bosch introduces a full range of volume controls and program
selectors in order to provide a complete PA solution.

Functions :
Public address systems are often used for both announcements and background music distribution. In order to adjust the level locally, volume controls can be used. In case of an (emergency) announcement the builtin relay can be activated to ensure that the message gets across at full level, independently of the setting of the
volume control. The total load of the loudspeakers connected to the volume controls may not exceed its rated power. Next to volume controls also program selectors can be installed to select different music programs locally. The design and color are unobtrusive in any interior. Ease of installation, operation and reliability has been optimized in the design. The U40 version volume controls and program selectors can be combined with Gira standard 55 system switchers and accessories. For surface mounting of U40 and MK types of volume control and program selector, an optional surface mounting box is available.

Certifications and Approvals
In common with all Bosch products, care is taken to meet high safety standards. These volume controls and
program selectors comply with the relevant safety and installation regulations of EN 60065. All plastic parts are self-extinguishing according to UL 94 V

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