Bosch conference system mic meeting delegate ccs900s ccs d id



¶ Unique, patent pending ” Possible To Speak ” indicator
¶ Compact, attractive design
¶ Built-in volume control for headphones
¶ Microphone with flexible stem and light ring
¶ Two headphone sockets
¶ Available with standard or extended length microphone stems
The CCS Dx CCS Delegate Units enable delegates to actively take part in the proceedings. A built-in microphone allows them to speak to the other delegates, and they can listen to the discussion using the built-in loudspeaker or ( optional) personal headphones.
Possible To Speak
A so called ‘ Possible To Speak’ indicator is build in showing if it is possible to switch on the microphone. This functionality is shown by a white LED combined with the ‘ microphone on’ indicator.
Microphone with flexible stem and light ring
The microphone is mounted on a flexible stem, which is easily adjustable to suit personal preferences. It also allows two people to use the same delegate unit as they can pull the microphone towards them when required to speak. Incorporated into the head of the microphone is a light ring which illuminates red to indicate when the microphone is on.
Built in loudspeaker
Loudspeaker volume is set centrally at the Control Unit for all delegate units. To prevent acoustic feedback, the built in loudspeaker is automatically muted when the microphone
is on.
Two headphone sockets
Two 3.5 mm ( 0.14 in) stereo headphone sockets ( wired for mono) allow two pairs of headphones to be connected so two delegates can simultaneously use the unit. It is also
possible to connect a tape recorder to one headphone socket, and use the other headphone socket to listen to the proceedings.
Built in volume control for headphones
The headphone volume level can be adjusted by means of a thumbwheel on the unit for maximum comfort.
Compact, attractive design
Featuring modern, unobtrusive styling and finished in charcoal gray these units make a valuable addition to any venue.
Standard or Extended Length Microphone Stems
The delegate units are available with standard 313 mm ( 12.3 inch) .
Controls and Indicators
• Microphone on/ off button
• Rotary volume control for adjusting headphone volume
• Loudspeaker, automatically muted when microphone is on and/ or headphones are connected
• Possible To Speak indicator ( white LED)
• Microphone ‘ on’ indicator ( red LED)
• Light ring indicator on microphone stem, lights up red when microphone is on.
• 1 x 2 m ( 78.7 in) cable terminated with a 7 pole maleconnector for loop-through connection to other delegate or chairman units, or to a Control Unit
• 1 x 7 pole circular female connector for loop-through connection to other delegate or chairman units
• 2 x 3.5 mm ( 0.14 in) stereo headphone sockets
Technical Specifications : Mechanical
Dimensions unit without microphone ( H x W x D) 71 x 220 x 140 mm ( 2.8 x 8.7 x 5.5 in)
Height with microphone in horizontal position 134 mm ( 5.3 in) Length of microphone from
mounting surface CCS D-ID 313 mm
Weight approx. 1 kg ( 2.2 lb) Mounting tabletop ( portable or fixed) Material ( top) polymer
Material ( base) painted metal Color ( top) charcoal ( PH10736) Color ( base) charcoal ( PH10736)